New Zealand Cadet Forces
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I would have joined earlier if only I had known about Cadets as a 13 year old.


Helping our community

River based activities

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Cadets from the Opotiki College Cadet Unit assisted Rotarian Clubs from Tauranga and 3/6 Battalion of the Territorial Forces in their annual Youth Leadership Camp called Exercise RYPEN.  The theme of the camp was leadership and making the right choices.  This year’s camp had thirty-six participants chosen from all the colleges around Tauranga. 

The camp consisted of many activities that some young people do not get to experience in every day life.  They included Basic Drill, High Ropes, Low Ropes, erecting a Military Tent, Trust Falls, Physical Training, Observation Lane, a lesson on Native plants and their uses, and sleeping a night out in the bush under a tarpaulin.  The end of the weekend was concluded with an Exercise that combined all their lessons into a competition adding a River Walk/Run, Equipment Carry and Tug of War competition.

Click here to access information on the Duke of Edinburgh leadership scheme that NZ Cadet Forces supports.

At a Glance

Sea Cadets rowing one of their boats

Sea Cadet Corps

 "Messing about in boats" is all part of the fun of being in a Sea Cadet Corps unit.

A cadet uses a swing bridge to cross a river

NZ Cadet Corps

Serving with a NZ Cadet Corps unit gives you the chance to get into out-of-the-way places

Cadets prepare a glider for launching

Air Training Corps

The opportunity to go gliding attracts a lot of young people into the Air Training Corps.

Headquarters, New Zealand Cadet Forces


NZ Cadet Forces are commanded from a Wellington Headquarters