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Heeling the yacht over with the wind at your back is fantastic

2015 Cadet Activities

Rimutaka Walk


On 27 September a re-enactment of the march completed by 60,000 soldiers heading to troops ships bound for Europe during WW1 was conducted. This march included Officers and Cadets from the City of Upper Hutt Cadet Unit, 21 and 22 Squadron ATC Units.

LT Philps and 2LT Howell (both pictured on the right of the above image) were among the platoon of soldiers wearing authentic uniforms provided by Sir Peter Jackson.

Cadets also assisted with the celebrations and helped by directing traffic and the cleanup.


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At a Glance

Sea Cadets rowing one of their boats

Sea Cadet Corps

 "Messing about in boats" is all part of the fun of being in a Sea Cadet Corps unit.

A cadet uses a swing bridge to cross a river

NZ Cadet Corps

Serving with a NZ Cadet Corps unit gives you the chance to get into out-of-the-way places

Cadets prepare a glider for launching

Air Training Corps

The opportunity to go gliding attracts a lot of young people into the Air Training Corps.

Headquarters, New Zealand Cadet Forces


NZ Cadet Forces are commanded from a Wellington Headquarters