New Zealand Cadet Forces
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Girls have been allowed to join a Cadet Forces unit since the mid 1970s

The First in New Zealand

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Two of the first three NZ Cadet Forces cadets to gain their NZQA National Certificate in Cadet Forces (level 2) received their awards on their respective Unit parades recently.

Cadet Flight Sergeant A. Wood from No.23 (Nelson) Squadron and Under Officer J. Belpadrome, an ex-cadet and now Under Officer, from No.24 (Ashburton) Squadron were presented their Certificates on consecutive Monday evenings.

Two  NZ Army Colonels presented the young men with their awards.

Click here to access information on the Duke of Edinburgh leadership scheme that NZ Cadet Forces supports.

At a Glance

Sea Cadets rowing one of their boats

Sea Cadet Corps

 "Messing about in boats" is all part of the fun of being in a Sea Cadet Corps unit.

A cadet uses a swing bridge to cross a river

NZ Cadet Corps

Serving with a NZ Cadet Corps unit gives you the chance to get into out-of-the-way places

Cadets prepare a glider for launching

Air Training Corps

The opportunity to go gliding attracts a lot of young people into the Air Training Corps.

Headquarters, New Zealand Cadet Forces


NZ Cadet Forces are commanded from a Wellington Headquarters