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Cadet Forces is a really fun organisation to belong to.

About Cadets


The New Zealand Cadet Forces (NZCF) is for both boys and girls aged 13 to 18. It comprise the Sea Cadet Corps, the New Zealand Cadet Corps and the Air Training Corps. It is a voluntary, disciplined, uniformed youth leadership training organisation.

 The organisation is not part of the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF), but is directed by the Chief of Defence Force, on behalf of the Minister of Defence, and is supported in partnership by the NZDF and the community.

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How can you contact us?

Enquiries regarding the services and support provided by New Zealand Cadet Forces should be made to:

Geographic location:

HQ New Zealand Cadet Forces,
Building CA 584,
Camp Rd,
Trentham Military Camp,
Upper Hutt.
Phone: (04) 527-1187 Facsimile: (04) 527 8185


HQ New Zealand Cadet Forces
Trentham Military Camp 
Private Bag 905
Trentham 5018

To contact us by email please use our contact form.

Complaints procedure

If you wish to formally complain about some aspect of NZ Cadet Forces you should follow the following procedure.

All complaints must be in writing, signed and dated by the complainant.

In the first instance the complaint should be directed to the Unit Commander of the unit which has generated the reason for the complaint. A copy should also be sent to the Area Co-ordinator.

If, in the complainant's opinion, the complaint was treated in an unsatisfactory manner then the complainant may approach the Area Co-ordinator and request the complaint be examined at that level. Copies of all relevant written documentation are to accompany the complaint.

If the matter has still not been resolved to the complainant's satisfaction then the complainant may approach the Commandant, New Zealand Cadet Forces, seeking resolution. Again, all written relevant documentation is to accompany the complaint.

The above procedure in no way erodes an individual New Zealander's right to approach their Parliamentary Representative to seek resolution of a complaint.



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