New Zealand Cadet Forces
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Cadet Forces is a really fun organisation to belong to.


Files available for downloading

Vision, Mission and Values (avi, 54Mb)

NZ Cadet Forces Haka (wmv. 36.6 Mb)

Our Vision

To be recognised as New Zealand's youth organisation of choice.

Our Mission

To develop confident, responsible young citizens who are valued within their community by providing them, within a military framework, safe, enjoyable and challenging opportunities.

Our Core Values

Respect - having self respect and showing respect for others.

Integrity - being honest, open and trustworthy in all that we do.

Loyalty - being reliable and committed to our Unit and Corps.

Discipline - always conducting ourselves in a responsible manner.

Our  Aims

  • To foster a spirit of adventure and teamwork, and to develop those qualities of mind and body essential for good citizens and leaders.
  • To provide challenging and disciplined training activities, which will be useful in either Service or civilian life.
  • To promote an awareness of the Armed Forces, and the role they play in the community.




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