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Some of the latest NZ Cadet Forces happenings.

Cadet Forces News and Events

The First in New Zealand

Two of the first three NZ Cadet Forces cadets to gain their NZQA National Certificate in Cadet Forces (level 2) received their awards on their respective Unit parades recently

Cassino Battles 70th

I had been selected as a youth representative for the 70th Anniversary Commemoration of the Cassino Battles.

30 Sqn Survival Camp

The 2014 Survival Camp was exciting and tiring, it started off like any other bush-craft camp with lessons; this lesson in particular was bivouac making it was a good practice as it refreshed our practice with the skills involved in making a bivouac...

ANZAC day in London

My mum and I had an early start for ANZAC Day. We got up at around 0400hrs to attend the dawn service at 0445hrs at Wellington Arch, Hyde Park Corner.
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