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Some of the latest NZ Cadet Forces happenings.

The First in New Zealand

Two of the first three NZ Cadet Forces cadets to gain their NZQA National Certificate in Cadet Forces (level 2) received their awards on their respective Unit parades recently.

Cadet Flight Sergeant A. Wood from No.23 (Nelson) Squadron and Under Officer J. Belpadrome, an ex-cadet and now Under Officer, from No.24 (Ashburton) Squadron were presented their Certificates on consecutive Monday evenings.

Each young man received his award from senior NZ Army Officers. Colonel C. Faulls, the Director of Army Reserves presented Cadet Flight Sergeant Wood's and  Colonel P. Curry,  Director of Reserve Forces and Youth Development presented Under Officer Belpadrome's  To emphasis the importance of these Certificates both ceremonies were attended by the Commandant, NZCF, Commander G. Stokes (RNZN).

Staff Officer (Education) Cadet Forces Major B. Carruthers, who was instrumental in establishing the Certificate programme, was also in attendance.

The third cadet, Cadet Warrant Officer J.Tarry, also from No.24 Squadron was overseas at the time and his Certificate was accepted on his behalf by his father.

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