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30 Sqn Survival Camp

Survival Weekend CPL J Harland

The 2014 Survival Camp was exciting and tiring, it started off like any other bush-craft camp with lessons; this lesson in particular was bivouac making it was a good practice as it refreshed our practice with the skills involved in making a bivouac in the bush.

After a lesson on bivouac making we went back to the main camp to collect extra equipment for the rest of the day this included spare warm clothes, first aid kit, survival kit, rain coat, hat, food, water, torch, and survival blanket and then we were off into the bush to start our survival simulation.

The first thing we did once we reached our destination was get our bags searched for food, luckily for me I knew it was coming and only took some energy chocolate but that was taken and was swapped with an ice cream container full of vegetables. These vegetables were our food for the time while we were doing our survival simulation. Once we got our bags searched for food it was time to start building our bivouac.

Firstly we dug out the ground to make it nice and flat and then collected a few strong branches as our bivouac framing and then it was onto collecting heaps of ferns as our flooring and roofing and then it was time to build the framing and place all the ferns on so we had a bivouac to sleep in.

Then it was time to wait until it was dark and go into our tiny little bivouac and go to sleep.
During the night we woke up three times during the night thinking it was morning but it was just the moon and I was pretty sure the moon was broken because it was just not moving through the sky. However it became quite cold through the night so I was glad I brought my extra warm clothes and my survival blanket which kept me warm for the rest of the night.

The next day it was just a matter of waiting to be rescued so we sat there and ate some crunchy vegetables. But after a few hours of waiting I heard the long awaited words coming from the Pilot Officer saying “Search and rescue is there anybody out there”. Luckily for me I had my whistle which was in my survival kit and I gave it a blow and they heard me straight away.

Now it was time for advanced flight to leave the bush and go and rescue proficiency flight from their survival simulation and pack up their campsite and then 30 Squadron was off back to the main camp site to have something to eat, grab our packs, hop onto the bus and head back to 30 squadron HQ.
Survival camp is defiantly one of my favourite camps it is exhilarating and tiring but it is a great experience and it tests you as a team and personally.

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