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What is the cost?

The cost of your child's involvement is always an item of interest to parents.

Many Unit Branch Support Committees set fees depending on their viability.  These are usually based on the High School term and can range from $15 a term upwards. The Sea Cadet Corps do not require their cadets to pay fees although Units appreciate any caregiver donations that they may receive.

Most units have additional costs for weekend activities and these range depending on what the unit is undertaking.  It also depends on whether the unit's Branch Support committee is subsidizing the activity.

You will be asked to fund your child's footwear, the Defence Force do not supply this. Units parade in black shoes and, as many High Schools have black shoes as part of their uniform, these can be worn on training nights. 

Most cadets end up buying a second pair just for cadets because they often don't want to be seen at school in highly polished shoes. Some cadets also purchase combat style boots to go with their field clothing.  A number of units can sources these at competitive prices.

You are invited to approach the unit of your child's choice and ask them for their fee structure, if applicable, and what sort of additional costs that particular unit can foresee.

This page was last reviewed on 19 January 2016, and is current.