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How safe is my child?

Cadets launch themselves on the high wire activity

Your child's safety has top priority.

All Officers undergo formal training in risk management on their Commissioning course.  This course includes NZQA risk management unit standards.

Before they are permitted to take groups into the bush all officers have to qualify on the NZCF Bush-craft course. This course also incorporates First Aid training.

Our Sea Cadet Officers undergo Marine Activity Supervisors courses which contribute to their Yachting New Zealand Club instructor certificate.  They are also required to qualify on the RNZ Coast Guard Day Skippers and Boat Master qualifications.

All officers are required to qualify on NZ Defence Force conducted firearms safety, range safety and shooting coaching courses before they are allowed to conduct any form of firearms safety training.  All cadets complete the same firearms safety course before they are allowed to handle and shoot with NZCF firearms.

 Regular Officer up-date training weekends are conducted to ensure officers remain current with their skills and their knowledge.

However, no activity can be completely risk free.  Cadet Forces officers are trained to recognise and minimise risk to a point where it does not impact negatively on your child's learning experiences.

This page was last reviewed on 19 January 2016, and is current.