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How you can contribute to the positive development of young New Zealanders.

Parental Commitment

As a parent of a potential cadet you will have certain commitments to the organisation. These are similar to the commitments you would have to any community organisation your child might join.

You will be expected to:

  1. Support your New Zealand Cadet Forces Unit through active involvement in the Unit Branch Support Committee.
  2. To the best of your ability meet all financial requirements that the Unit Branch Support Committee may set.
  3. Maintain in good order NZ Defence Force uniform items and other Unit equipment issued to your child and return the same to the Unit on completion of your child's involvement with Cadets.
  4. Support your child's involvement by ensuring their regular, uniformed attendance.
  5. To the best of your ability support your Unit during weekend activities.

Unit Branch Support Committee

Each SCC, NZCC and ATC unit has a Unit Branch Support Committee which is a branch of their respective National Support organisations, (SCANZ, CCANZ and ATCANZ). This is the community part of the partnership with the government through the New Zealand Defence Force.

Unit Branch Support Committees are comprised of interested parents, ex-cadets, members of the local community and anyone else who has the interest of NZ Cadet Forces at heart.

Your Unit Branch Support Committee is responsible for:

  • Liaising with the local community and publicising the activities and achievements of the unit.
  • Providing and administering funds for the maintenance and training requirements of the unit.
  • Assisting the Unit Commander in preparing the annual activity programme of the unit.
  • Assisting the Unit Commander in recruiting new cadets and officers.
  • Assisting the Unit Commander to support and supervise local activities when required.

Unit Branch Support Committees meet whenever there is a requirement to make decisions and plans on providing support for the unit, usually once a month. Meetings follow the normal meeting format and are generally relaxed. Everyone is encouraged to contribute their knowledge and expertise.

Members of the committee are not required to attend weekly parade nights, their role is to provide the support which is not provided by NZ Cadet Forces or the unit officers.


This page was last reviewed on 19 January 2016, and is current.