New Zealand Cadet Forces
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What the New Zealand Regular Force Navy, Army and Air Force can offer you.

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The Royal New Zealand Navy

  • Learn to be a technician in what is one of the best craft training facilities in New Zealand.
  • Get paid to gain engineering qualifications at University, Institute of Technology or on-the-job.
  • Choose University study or training on-the-job and learn skills that are fundamental to business administration.
  • Train on the sophisticated high technology systems that the Navy relies on to defend New Zealand.
  • Gain qualifications relevant for retail and wholesale in civvy street and sail the seas.
  • Become a fully qualified helicopter pilot and be trained to fly the ship's helicopter, the Sea Sprite, on and off the ship under all conditions.

The New Zealand Army

Army Apprenticeship Careers

Army Apprenticeship Careers combine on-the-job training with professionally-qualified instructors and NZQA-recognised Polytechnic courses. They range from trades such as Armourer through Electronics Technician to Vehicle Mechanic.

Army Combat Careers

Army Combat Careers focus on military defence equipment, technology and skills, and require physical fitness and teamwork. Such careers as Crewman, Rifleman and Field Engineer are in this group.

Army Support Careers

Army Support Careers suit people who are efficient, methodical and well-organised, and involve ensuring the Army has everything it needs to perform its duties. Such careers as Chef, Driver and Physical Training Instructors contribute to this group.

Specialist Positions

Careers in areas such as Bandsman, Fire Fighter and Educator help make up this group

Royal New Zealand Air Force

A career in the Royal New Zealand Air Force means you'll be trained to world-class standards, operate some of the most sophisticated technology around, and really go places.

It's one of the most rewarding careers anywhere in the world. Are you ready to bring it on?

Careers in the Air Force can be roughly split into four different areas. These are

  • Air Crew,
  • Ground Officer,
  • Technical Trades and
  • Non-Technical Trades.

Whichever job you choose, you'll come into the Air Force either as a Commissioned Officer or at the non-commissioned level. Your qualifications and your choice of career determine your starting point

NZ Police

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